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Participate in Kids Heart Challenge


Kids Heart Challenge is coming soon! Agate School is joining forces with the American Heart Association by participating in KIDS HEART CHALLENGE (KHC). Students will be excited to “Slay the dragon of heart disease and stroke!” with our team of Heart Hero dragons and by participating in KHC they are Being the Torch, as they shine their light towards ways our community can be healthier. Also, your family will have the opportunity to learn hands-only CPR through Finn’s Mission!


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No Need to Wait! Get started early by using the link below to register for Kids Heart Challenge at your school!


1. Visit our school’s Kids Heart Challenge page ( OR download the Kids Heart Challenge app. How to Register for KHC Video.

2. Students who are registered and have received an online donation by our KHC kickoff on 2/1/2023, will receive a Torch wristband and the earned KHC Heart Heroes.


Want to know more about how participating in Kids Heart Challenge can have an impact? Watch the video’s below on how Extraordinary Kids are helping across the country! If you want to be an Extraordinary KHC Kid see how you can get involved!


From the Superintendent

Dear Longhorn Families,

Thank you for your interest in Agate School District!  We have the smallest class sizes on the I-70 Corridor, which gives us the opportunity to serve our families with a quality education.  We are working hard to bring back athletics, we have great Industrial Arts, STEM and CAD classes, as well as a welding program through Morgan Community College!  Come in for a tour today!

"At Agate we are a family where there is very little drama."  -9th grade student

Melinda Walls


Agate School District

Home of the Longhorns